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Comprehensive Counselling Support

in Northwich, Wincham & surrounding areas

Professional, approachable, confidential counselling & psychotherapy support for times in life that feel

too difficult to handle alone

It really is so good to talk...

Life throws many surprises and challenges at us; the pressures of day to day living can be so challenging within our relationships, ourselves and everyday lives. While we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, counselling can really help you to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions, to help you to feel back in control, when sometimes it feels like you're not.


Need help making sense of it all?

There are times in life when things feel hard. Life can be overwhelming. At these times it can feel impossible to unravel it all, we can feel anxious, lonely, depressed, trapped, frightened, stuck, and confused.

Sometimes we just need a space, someone to listen and support us as we work through what's troubling us.

A qualified, independent person who can help us to make sense of it all, and to help us find a way to feel more like ourselves again. 

Take the First Step

I know it can be daunting to take the first step to ask for support, so I offer the option of a free 20-minute confidential telephone consultation before any session.

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