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Counselling for Adults and Young Adults - Northwich Area

For those facing difficult life challenges, SERENITY Counselling Services, Cheshire offers comprehensive counselling support in the Northwich & surrounding areas.

Karen Anderson

How counselling can help?

If you have been struggling, feeling overwhelmed perhaps with issues causing you worry and it feels like you need to explore a way forward, counselling can help you to make sense of your thoughts and feelings by offering a non-judgmental, confidential place for you.

Sometimes we just need a place without the pressure of responsibilities, a space to have for ourselves, away from the stresses of our usual routine and commitments.

By talking things through together, counselling can often release the pressures and emotions you may be experiencing and can help you to identify what's behind your thoughts and feelings. This so often can create a sense of relief and clarity, which may pave the way for you to explore how changes and strategies can help you to cope and move forward.

I have supported many clients coping with many challenges but by far the most common are anxiety and stress related issues. The pressures of day to day living can really prove so challenging within our relationships, ourselves and everyday lives. I hope to help you to explore how you can feel back in control, when sometimes it feels like we're not.

I know it can be daunting to take the first step to ask for support, so I offer the 
option of a free 20 minute confidential telephone consultation before any session.

CALL:  07770903342 or book online 

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SKYPE Sessions

No Time to talk?

As an ex-corporate professional I know finding time for ourselves can seem impossible, so later afternoon & evening appointments are available: Monday to Wednesday.

Skype sessions by arrangement for established clients are also an option to maximise flexibility for you.


Exams, revision, Uni offers and decisions, finals ...things can feel overwhelming, so I offer a reduced counselling rate for students 18+ 

Privacy Policy Update

Your trust is important to me, so please be aware that I’ve updated my privacy policy in line with requirements set out by the General Data Protection Regulation.The new privacy policy explains how I protect and manage your data in a secure way, while putting you in control of what happens to it.

Privacy Policy

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